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1st Estate Service Ltd

Building A Sustainable Nation- County by County

We are a renewable energy consultancy company. Our aim is to provide help and advice to companies to enable them to reach their carbon emission targets, reduce energy costs and increase efficiency.

We can provide insight and analysis on renewable energy development across a wide range of potential sites, properties and businesses.


Feasibility Studies

The importance of a feasibility study is based upon the organisations desire to "get it right", before committing business resources, time and budget or before being able to qualify for any government grants.

A feasibility study could uncover new ideas or approaches that completely changes a projects scope. The decision to conduct a study should not be taken lightly.

AD Site Preparations

Advisory Service

Construction management

•1st ES are in the unique experienced position of already having extensive knowledge of renewable energy sites. A huge benefit for the construction of a renewable energy plant. Thereby providing the potential of EPC saving and construction time to the benefit of the investor/developer.

Feedstock Management

Operation and Management

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